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Пристанище тихо помешанной

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Wow, this is really beautiful (love these moments) and really very inspiring to watch this episode again

Favourite friendships: Kat Graham and Candice Accola

Love them. These two girls just radiate light and happiness


Shipster [ʃɪpstə(r)] s a person shipping little known/unsupported pairings. Usually spend their time on a lonesome search of artworks and fanfictions containing desired OTP; they can be distinguished by spontaneous gross sobbing, a common reaction to spotting their beloved ship.

lmao basically all the ships I write about, except for bamon, stelena, and klaroline.

Well, without a doubt, you can call me Shipster. Definitely

Oh,this Mister driving me crazy. Love him

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Props and Thanks to the actors Ian, Joseph,Steven, and Nate for appreciating Bonnie/Kat and not being afraid to say that Bonnie would make an interesting/great love interest for their characters  even when  JP doesn’t respect her.  The actors do.